Duluth is a very small town about five miles northwest of Onaga. Documents show the Duluth Town Council was incorporated February 23, 1907, with the following membership: William Kolterman, Ed Kolterman, Charles Kolterman, J. A. Bonjour, R. A. Bonjour, C. B. Bonjour, Henry Berges, Herman Hartwich, Jr., Alcide Bonjour, F. F. Kuehl, F. C. Kuehl, Ephriam Bonjour and Pauline Hartwich. Two years later they agreed to buy twenty acres from Ernest Kolterman at $60 per acre –the north one-half of the northeast quarter of Section 18, lying north of Union Pacific Railroad grade. Also, the proposition made by William Kolterman was accepted if necessary –a strip of land not to exceed twenty acres. The original name was Doelitz; but, was later changed to Duluth. The plat of Duluth, KS, shows all the lots, streets and alleys and their dimension dated July 5, 1909 as laid out by the Duluth Town Council; the Duluth Town Council dissolved on February 20, 1915.

The general store was built by William Kolterman around the year 1911, and operated by his son Frank Kolterman and son-in-law Ernest Berges until 1947, when it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Teske who operated it until it closed.

The post office was established September 16, 1912, and occupied one corner of the store. Miss Bertha Kolterman was postmistress until January 1, 1913, when Ernest Berges took over for 30 years. Frank Kolterman was then postmaster until 1947. Etholene Teske held the office for the next 33 years. Clarence Teske then served Duluth post office as clerk in charge until it closed.

Duluth has had in the past a number of businesses –lumberyard, blacksmith shop, band hall, barbershop, restaurant, depot, stockyards, and a garage.

Source: Rae Gutierrez (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~onagakansas/author.html)