School Resource

The position of School Resource Officer is established to provide a link between the Sheriff’s Office and the schools within Pottawatomie County, and to increase positive, proactive involvement with the students of those schools. SROs interact directly with the students and work closely with the school system to solve problems. The SRO serves three primary functions: police officer, law-related instructor, and advisor.

The Sheriff’s Office has a Deputy that spends part of the week in the various county schools.

This officer works with the students, teachers, advisors, counselors and administrators to assist with classroom programs, school safety training, specific school problems and most importantly the officer spends time with the students to build a good relationship with them.

Since kids often only interact with officers during times of crisis, the School Resource Officer program allows the kids to see the officer as a helpful member of the community.

Our School Resource Officer will:

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, school administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents.
  • Act as liaison between school administration and the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Conduct classroom presentations on law enforcement related issues.
  • Take charge of handling and knowledge of safety and security issues.
  • Possess working knowledge of search and seizure case law pertaining to schools.
  • Must be available to students, parents, faculty, and community members for general questions regarding law enforcement.
  • Develop trust between students and law enforcement
  • Possess the ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the demands of the school as well as the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office
  • Monitor school parking lots and surrounding parking lots utilized by students and faculty.
  • Respond to altercations and offenses on school grounds, school sponsored functions, and surrounding properties
  • Be experienced in the isolation and de-escalation of problem behavior and ability to distinguish between school discipline or code of conduct and what is a criminal matter.
  • Attend truancy meetings and obtain probation updates from Community Corrections


May be assigned duties of patrol officer when school is not in session.


School Resource Officers must have the ability to attend and successfully complete a School Resource Officer course. School Resource Officers must also be able to interact with school age children and adults, possess strong public speaking skills, and have a working knowledge of case law concerning search and seizure rules in schools.