Captain Colby Area


Inmates are allowed a total of:

  • Three (3) pair of socks
  • Three (3) t-shirts
  • Three (3) underwear
  • Three (3) bras (no underwire)

All clothing items brought to or mailed to the jail must be new and in package.

Personal hygienic items will be provided by the center.

Additional food or hygienic items will not be allowed to be brought in.

Additional items may be purchased through the commissary if the inmate has adequate funding.

We can only accept cash or money orders to place money on inmate’s accounts.

Reading material only by staff approval and sent via Amazon.

The jail officers operate the Pottawatomie County Jail, located in Westmoreland. The jail is a multi-use facility that houses both male and female persons.

Jail officers are responsible for completing the booking process for all inmates, feeding, arranging for medical care, and transporting inmates either to or from various jail facilities and courthouses accross the state of Kansas.

How to bond an inmate:

To bond an inmate out, please contact the jail at (785) 457-3707.

Our county has an approved bondsman list and we can only accept surety’s from those on said list. Inquire with the jail to ensure the bondsman is on the list.

Approved Bonding Companies 2022.

If you need a bondsman you may call the jail to get the contact information from our list.

Make contact with the bondsman and let them know who it is you are bonding out and what their bond is set at. Setup a time to meet at the Pottawatomie County Justice Center.

Video Visitation:
Sessions are limited to 45 minutes
All visitations must be approved 24 hours in advance.


Video Visits Onsite:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Remote Video Visitation:
Any Day
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Visits can be set up on inmatesales.com or by calling (866) 340-7879.