Copies of police reports can be obtained through Records.

Due to state laws, you will only receive the portion of the report that is open public record. This includes crash reports and the front page of Offense Reports, and does include all necessary information for insurance purposes. The release of any part of a report that is not open public record is subject to the discretion of the Sheriff’s Office to preserve the integrity of the case (Such as criminal or potentially criminal cases that may face prosecution). If you desire to request a report (or a portion of a report) that might not be open public record, please call our office to inquire.

Please be advised: Juvenile reports are NOT open to the public, under any circumstance, in order to protect the juveniles involved.

If you would like to request a copy of a report, and are an involved individual, click this link, or call (785) 457-3353 and ask for Records. Any information related to the incident is helpful, such as the case number, name, and/or date of occurrence.

There are 3 options for receiving your report:

  • In-person Pickup
  • US Mail
  • Fax

Unfortunately, email is not an option.


  • If you are a victim or otherwise directly involved in the report, your report is free of charge.
  • If you are not personally involved with the case (ie. An insurance agency, law firm, etc.), there is a $2.00 charge for reports.
  • If any additional media exists and is releasable (such as photos and/or video footage) it is provided on a disc with a fee of $10.00. Call our records department to confirm before sending in a request and payment.
  • For more involved requests, such as KORA requests, the fee may vary, and an invoice will be provided.

At this time, we are unable to take electronic payments. You may request a report that requires a fee in person at our office, or via US mail by mailing a request and a check to PO Box 250 Westmoreland, KS 66549.